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Bachelor Chow #1: Beans and Eggs

September 10, 2012 9:54 AM

My friends, family, and coworkers hear on a day-to-day basis how terrible my eating habits are. I do not gorge on junk food or binge (too much). Instead, I keep my supply of food at dwindling levels. It’s not that I’m strapped for cash when it comes to buying groceries, I just believe there are thousands of better things to spend money on than having food in the household. I used to shop for groceries once every thirty to forty days, but for obvious reasons, I had to give that trend up. Now, I focus on basic food staples. I try and make interesting dishes out of very uninteresting ingredients.

I have a whey protein allergy. Actually, I have no idea what it is I’m allergic to in protein bars/shakes/powders, but I’m going to direct my anger towards whey anywhey anyway. I have a fairly strenuous workout routine several times a week consisting of extended periods of time on an exercise bike and swimming laps in the pool. I know it is important to ingest protein to help muscle growth, but my body rejects the conventional methods. I had to come up with alternative ways to get a respectable amount of protein after I work out, so I’ve decided to share my Beans and Eggs recipe with you all.

The ingredients

There’s really nothing more to it than that. Just beans and eggs. I threw some rice into the picture, because I thought I was going to cook some when I photographed these things. I ended up being full after eating the main dish.

Step 1: Open beans. Beat eggs.

You’ll need to be very careful with this step. After you open the can of beans, pour them into a pan on a medium-high heat burner. Once the beans are chilling in the pan, crack all three eggs into the bean can and beat them like you’re making scrambled eggs. Be extremely careful when beating the eggs. If you get too into it, you can cut yourself on the can.

Step 2: Pour eggs. Stir.

The beans should probably be in the pan for one to three minutes by their lonesome until you pour your eggs into the mixture. As soon as the eggs are added, stir with a spatula until there’s a general ‘fluffiness’ to the compilation.

Step 3: Serve. Gorge.

Pour the entire contents of the pan into a large bowl. After that, you’re done! Add in any random hot sauce or barbecue sauce on top of the mess, and you’ve got yourself a dinner with ~42g of protein. If you can get past the general hideousness of the dish, it actually tastes fantastic.

Pro tip: take a few Beano pills before taking your first bite. It helps!


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