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New DS? 2DS.

October 14, 2013 8:06 PM

I have owned every iteration of the DS family up until the 3DS. The original design of the 3DS (the current, non-fat edition) always repulsed me. I’ve never seen a product with a design lacking as much focus as the clamshell 3DS. The thing looks like it was conceptualized by three different people and manufactured in three different factories. I am not a fan.

This lead me to power up the Hate Train. With its ugly body, poor software library and high entry price, the 3DS was the source of many a guffaw and chortle.

As time went on, however, Nintendo began to tease me with pretty decent to great games, and I warmed up to the handheld. The only thing still lacking was a design change. The 3DS XL is slick-looking, but I am not a geriatric with poor eyesight. Nothing I own needs to be that big. I could eat dinner on that Game Boy.

When Nintendo announced the 2DS a couple months ago with its incredible price, I began scheming ways to sell my old DSi for maximum profit in order to make the 2DS more of a goofy impulse buy. I have been looking for ways to get my hands on Animal Crossing: New Leaf since its June release, and this was finally a good entry point back into Nintendo’s nostalgia machine.

Now that I’m a Hip-and-Coolâ„¢ owner of a 2DS, I can finally understand why other Americans are constantly disappointed with Street Pass!


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